22 July 2011

Was it something I said ?

Dear Reader

On 21 July Mr Mustard emailed 62 Councillors as below. This was because a report contained misleading data & Councillors need to base their decisions on accurate information.

This is something that Mr Reasonable has picked up on before, as here 

and then Mr Mustard found yet another report with a table full of incorrect line totals, about which he blogged.

This is what Mr Mustard sent 

"Dear Councillor

You might find it instructive to look at the following blog post & comments so that you know that you cannot simply accept figures from officers as necessarily being 100% accurate

Mr Mustard blog

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard"

Now Mr Mustard didn't expect much in the way of a reply from any Councillor except maybe a quick "Thanks, we will read the reports carefully in future" but this is what he received from his ward Councillor Cllr. David Longstaff today

Dear Mr Mustard,

Please remove me from your mailing list.

I have no wish to read any more of your anonymous blogs, that contain gratuitous insults about Barnet Officers and Councillors.

These are decent people; and whilst you may have some points to discuss regarding the borough, they would be better served without the rudeness.

Cllr. David Longstaff

PS As to your ‘urgent’ emails regarding procurement, which I found slightly manipulative,  I’ll decide what’s urgent in my life, Mr *******, not you. 

So if you think that the Councillor should not write to one of the people he represents in this way then please write to:

If you think that Mr Mustard is rude and gratuitously insulting then please write to mrmustard@zoho.com or put a comment on this blog. Please declare if you work for Barnet Council.

Mr Mustard redacted the real name of his alter ego in the email from Cllr Longstaff above as many people like the fun of the mystery name although a little research would reveal it to the curious. 

Hard to take Cllr Longstaff seriously though - this is him ( he is an actor )

Picture credit : hahaheehee.co.uk

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. I note his fallacious response using the Ad hominem defence, attack the messenger whilst ignoring the message.


    Obviously another councillor who can't handle the truth.

  2. The bare a*sed cheek of Councillor Longstaff simply defies belief. Sorry, I am going to reuse this joke until I get bored, which might be a while.

  3. ... and to be honest, I think he is confusing you with me, as I do go out of my wasy to be rude to Tory councillors who deserve it, and senior officers on astronomical pay scales who cannot do their jobs properly, whereas you are always very polite, being a gentleman, and much nicer.


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