28 July 2011

The use of tablets/laptops or any IT equipment at Barnet is strictly monitored

Mr Mustard is so relieved that there is strict monitoring of IT equipment at Barnet council, except there isn't. Readers may recall the earlier blog on this subject. Further information is now available. A quick recap, it was too expensive to work out how many laptops were where.

13 July 2011

The use of tablets/laptops or any IT equipment at Barnet is strictly monitored. It is the responsibility of each individual Manager for the availability of mobile IT equipment to internal contractors and its return to the service area when that contractor is no longer employed by the council.
No external contractors are loaned tablets.
Refusal Notice

From our preliminary assessment, we estimate that full compliance with your request would exceed the appropriate costs limit under section 12 of the FOIA.  This is currently £450.

I can confirm that the Council holds the information that you have requested.

However at this time, as the availability and loan action is undertaken by each Service Area, it has been estimated to marry up the data held on individuals, details of contractors held, and research undertaken with each Service Area to identify any un-used tablets would take a minimum of five days (36 hours) at an estimated cost of £900.


FOI Officer, Information Systems

13 July 11

Dear Sirs 

Thank you for your reply. How many Managers have to look for the information please ?

Yours sincerely

Mr Mustard

Dear Mr Mustard

Today (28 July 2011), there were 462 Managers.


FOI Officer, Information Systems

Does any reader think that Barnet Council might be a teensy weensy bit over managed ?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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