22 July 2011

Non-job #9 ? - Openness & Transparency Manager

Following so soon after the previous posting you may find it hard to believe that it takes two people to be open and transparent in Barnet.

Pay £47,907 - £50,789

Purpose of Job:

As a member of the Governance leadership team, to contribute to the overall leadership, direction and management of the Governance Service in the context of local and national priorities.
To provide a professional lead on openness, transparency, Member and democratic engagement.
To manage all aspects relating to Members’ Allowances.
Drive the improvement/transformation agenda within the service and develop capacity in key areas to support services in meeting local and corporate objectives. ( has this been cut and paste from the wrong page ? ) 
To be a key player within the service in a management capacity who is actively seeking and applying best practice and innovative methods of service delivery. ( ditto )
To promote and safeguard the welfare of vulnerable people, ensuring this principle, culture and practice is embedded throughout all council services, including stakeholders and partners in compliance with national and local procedures and protocols. ( ditto )
Lead development, delivery and implementation of strategies and plans alongside the full range of stakeholder groups. ( ditto )
Lead at an operational level at promoting culture changes and developing and implementing effective processes and systems across the Openness and Transparency Team, including new technological advances. The Team! What, are more people going to join ? Mr Mustard has just realised that the appropriate acronym is OTT ( over the top ).
To provide excellent services to ensure Member and all aspects of democratic engagement and transparency is in accordance with the Council’s Constitution and policies, budget allocation and statutory requirements.
To manage and provide a professional lead on the Council’s openness and transparency function in accordance with all legal and constitutional requirements.
To be responsible to the Assistant Director – Governance for effective management and efficient performance of the team within the service.
To ensure that all activities across the Council are managed within the broader context of One Barnet. ( I think you aren't paid enough to do this )
To act as a change agent to assist the council manage and implement change programmes. ( what is the Change and Innovation Manager doing then ? see non-job #3 ? )
To lead by example and effectively manage people, projects and budgets effectively. ( how about leading all the non-job employees to the Job Centre ? that would manage the budget more effectively )

What will Mr Mustard find next ?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard 

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  1. Hold on, Mr Mustard, have I not been addressing most of the job specification on a voluntary basis for some time now? I'll add this to the bill for my consultancy fees ...


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