1 July 2011

Sandbanksitis - extremely hard to eradicate - at epidemic levels in Barnet

What is it with this hotel ? Is the beach at sandbanks made of quicksand and it traps everyone there ? or are there sirens off the coast ? they will lure the good ship OneBarnet to founder on the rocks of overspending.

Is there anything wrong with hotels in Barnet or Enfield or Hertsmere ? They are local businesses and should be supported. You are taking money out of the Borough, Barnet Council - is that Putting the Community First ? - certainly not the hotel community - it is a very bad idea to keep going to Poole. Mr Mustard is starting to get cross.

Which Councillor would you like to see on the rack ? 
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You are causing traffic congestion and/or extra travel costs for using the train. 

You are causing the carbon footprint to be unnecessarily increased. 

Head teachers will have to leave early on the Wednesday to get to the conference on time causing a loss of working hours.
This is not a 2 day conference as it is described - it finishes at lunch on the second day. Oh let's see, Friday afternoon, finish at 1.30 - doubtless after a good lunch - and then oh dear me, it's too late to get back to school. We will all just have to go home.
Bring back 6 of the best for the organiser !

Head teachers get paid enough to go on their own breaks to Poole.

Will this nonsense ever end ?

A message to local hoteliers. Please start marketing to Barnet Council.

Oh, one final point. Barnet Council's slogan is going to be "Pooleing our resources" - remember that you read it hear first.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Well, as you know I have queried this before, and the council tries to wriggle out of it by saying the schools cover the charge: er - but yes, from where do the schools get their funding? Mostly all from us, the taxpayers.

    It's obvious why they hold the jolly far away: so they can run up and down the corridors at three in the morning and tap discreetly on their colleague's door to compare tips on sustaining motivation.

  2. I wouldn't mind so much if they got infected by the Earth Charter but that's so far only been adopted by Bournemouth not (yet) by Poole.

    Even if they were in Bournemouth, it's unlikely they'd get contaminated, despite http://bit.ly/nUb6rr [why can I never get these links to work?]

  3. Now would it be green to drive to a town that is green ? Mr Musatrd does not think so.

    There are decent hotels in Barnet & surrounding Boroughs that should be supported by the London Borough of Barnet.


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