22 July 2011

Non-Job #8 ? Openness & Transparency Officer

yet another mantra "Working together"
The Council’s One Barnet programme is to redesign the council in order to meet increasing local and national challenges and opportunities, implementing any agreed changes.

Pay scale £39,790 to £42,499
Purpose of Job
  • To lead on all aspects of work relating to Member and democratic engagement to promote openness and transparency, including research and data gathering; presentation of findings; implementation and co-ordination of actions and monitoring and reporting on progress. The postholder will be required to lead on particular aspects of Member development, Members’ allowances and democratic engagement.
  • To manage and provide a professional lead on Member development, Members’ allowances and democratic engagement across the service and corporately as required.
  • To lead on and advise Members and senior officers of the Council on strategies relating to transparency, Member development and democratic engagement.
  • To contribute to the success of the Governance Service.
Mr Mustard has been distracted by so much other tut coming out of Barnet Council that he has neglected the non-jobs so that is being put right today.

Barnet Council do not appear to be committed to Openness and Transparency as otherwise they would not
  • set rules and limit the questions one can ask at Residents' forums
  • reduce the opportunity for debate at Council Meetings
  • fail to produce minutes of meetings in a timely fashion
  • allow Councillors to ask residents not to email them
  • allow Councillors to delete emails unread
  • have meetings at which no Cabinet member appears
  • have refused filming against the wishes of Central Government
  • have refused entry to a Council meeting
I expect that other bloggers will add a few more entries in the comments box
and this non-job would not be necessary. 

It looks like £40,000 in the bin to Mr Mustard.

This surely cannot be a full time job ? 

Can't Nick Walkley advise members on this as part of his leadership role as set out in his Role summary ?

Ensure the Council operates in an open, accountable and democratic manner to minimise any challenge to its operations based on such grounds.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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