7 July 2011

Reverse spin #1 - The Finchley Carnival

Mr Mustard is rather bored with the spin press releases that come out of Barnet Council so he will apply some reverse spin which balances things out nicely. Sadly, balancing the books is something that Barnet Council really haven't got the hang of yet. So here is their latest press release in the Barnet corporate colour of seasick blue with the reverse spin entries in red.

Finchley carnival goes with a bang
The past tense to describe a future event - how novel.
Barnet Council is all set to help Finchley Carnival go with a bang this weekend.
For the other side of the story see the website below.

The popular carnival, which has been running for more than 100 years, will feature a funfair and run from Thursday 7th July to Sunday 10th July at Victoria Park, Finchley.
A funfair and fireworks do not a Carnival make.

The Carnival’s highlight will come on Saturday night with a spectacular free firework display for residents paid for by the Council with proceeds from the funfair.
If that's the highlight Mr Mustard does not want to see the lowlights. The fireworks are not free; Mr Mustard thinks that the proceeds from the funfair are about £3,500 so that will be the likely cost of fireworks and Mr Mustard doesn't think that will amount to a long display. It is not paid for by the Council; it is paid for by all of the Council tax Payers most of whom are not in Finchley.

The Worshipful the Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Lisa Rutter, will set off the first firework for the display from 9.30pm.
Mr Mustard hopes that Cllr Rutter has been on a health and safety course.

Councillor Brian Coleman, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “I am delighted that Barnet Council has been able to keep the traditions of the Carnival going and include a firework display which so many people have enjoyed over the years.
The Carnival Committee have been held over a barrel with a last minute rent increase from £140 to £3,500. So, the traditional features of a carnival are not there as the next sentence says.

“I hope that next year we can restore many of the other traditional features of the Carnival which our residents have looked forward to so much in the past.”
And that is all they can do this year - look forward. The Carnival has been replaced with a pantomime.

So there we are with Barnet Council needing to save £50million+ over 3 years and so what do Barnet Council do; they explode £3,500 which they could have put into the bank ( not an Icelandic one obviously - don't be silly now  ). They should just have had the funfair and not spent the proceeds on fireworks. Balancing the books is easy if you are sensible and apply some commonsense. If you look after the £thousands the £millions will look after themselves.

You need a rocket Barnet Council.

Yours frugally
Mr Mustard

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  1. you've missed out the old folks treat being laid on not as it used to in the park, but in the Methodist Church Hall - you know, the charity which owns the flat where Brian Coleman lives ... perhaps he will be be putting his pinny & rubber gloves on and getting stuck in. He may also be helping out with the washing up.


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