1 July 2011

Iceland not all bad news for Barnet

Following on from the comment made by Mrs Angry on a previous blog and in the vein of Roger Tichborne "99% not the Barnet Eye" Friday jokes Mr Mustard thought that, after 2 evenings spent at Council Meetings this week, which is probably more time than most Councillors spent on Council business, it was time for some humour.

Mr Mustard found the following information on a BBC website so it must be true.

If you ever should find yourself at a Thorrablot, you will probably see a lot of scary things on the table in front of you. Iceland is not famous for its delicacies, considering the main purpose of traditional food preparation was to preserve it (they have preserved our money !). You could keep some of those dishes for months behind a radiator or under your bed and they would still be safe to eat (though this is not recommended).
If you are a foreigner, it's likely that drunken Icelanders will wave scary alien things at you and dare you to have a bite. If you are ever caught in this situation, here is a brief guide to the things they will be waving at you. 

Hrutspungar (Sour Ram's Testicles)
Ram's testicles, pickled in whey, put in gelatin, pressed either into a cake with garlic, as a jam, or as a kind of pâté that tastes sour and spongy, with a texture reminiscent of pressed cod roe. Guidebooks comment: 'Not bad if you don't think about it too much, especially in pâté form.' Or you could just take their word for it. 

Selshreyfar (Sour Seal Flippers)

The flippers of those adorable animals, made sour in milk and salted. They taste sour, salty and slimy. These are rare, except at some family feasts where the participants have hunted the seals themselves. Quite revolting.

Mr Mustard is delighted to be vegetarian.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. I had heard that some other local authorities had received some of their money back.

    Is Barnet still waiting for anything whatsoever, and does it have any idea if it will ever get anything?

  2. Not all rams have testicles, though, do they? At least not in Broken Barnet.

  3. Down on the farm non-performing rams get culled


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