16 July 2011

How to put a weblink in a comment - second try

Especially for you Mr Newman and for anyone else who is interested

I had to put blank spaces between the "<" and the "a" otherwise the html tag will disappear and you won't see it, so take out the spaces I leave except for the one between a and href and then in the comment box type this

< a href="http://whatever.com">commentname < /a >

and of course "http://whatever.com" is the address of the link you wish to link to.
Commentname is what you wish to be visible in the comment.
Sorry, to be so pedantic but want to be clear.

and then the link should be a live one. Finally, sorry.

Yours, not as technically as I thought

Mr Mustard


  1. Wordpress probably has a button to do this, like blogspot. Use the help button

  2. I am sure you are correct Roger but Mr Newman was trying to put a live link into a blogger comment box and there is no functionality there, not even spell checker, so my tip is needed.

    So if I put just


    the reader has to copy and paste, whereas if I put the < a stuff then they are not visible in the comment and the link is live, hopefully like this.


    Yours technically

    Mr Mustard


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