11 July 2011

The 137 times table = lashings of gravy

Mr Mustard followed a tweet by Barnet Bugle to a FOI request refusal by Barnet Council in relation to the outside interests of Officers ( employees ) in which they say they are livid ( Mr Mustard can see the steam rising from where he sits at Mustard Mansions ) and you can read that for yourself here

Anyway the interesting part of the answer for Mr Mustard, well the only part of the answer as the rest was refused, is that there are 137 officers ( employees ) who earn £70,000 or more. Someone, somewhere, somehow needs to stop this race to millionaire status for glorified town hall clerks. Can or will Councillors start to intervene so they don't have to cut essential services instead.

137 employees ( not sure if Contractors like Mr Traversty and his £1,000 a day have been included in the non-reply ) at £70,000 = an overhead of at least £9.5million and more probably in the £12m to £15million range. Surely we could have "better services for less money" will half as much management ? as the staff would then be unable to get on without hindrance. £50million needs saving over 3 years. If just £1,700,000 a year were taken out of the top management structure then 10% of the saving would be achieved over 3 years.

Go on Nick Walkley get the long knife out and cut a few posts. Not yours of course. Although you cut take a hatchet to your pay to prove that we are all in this together.

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