6 July 2011

PAP - part 2

Mr Mustard has a busy day dear reader and so will just give you, for now, the second section of this load of PAP which has taken the combined brain power of 3 individuals who are paid more than £half a million a year between them.

If, like a child on Christmas Day, you simply cannot wait to read the whole report then it is available here.Bottom of the page - Item 6

If you were expecting the latest top selling toy for Christmas then Mr Mustard is sorry but you have been deceived. Inside the fancy wrapping is the same toy that you were given 5 years ago but given a bit of a clean up. It will work better now it has been oiled. Well oiled - yes your parents probably were.

Overarching actions
Action Tasks Measure of Success Lead Target
Establish compliance with corporate systems as key measure of senior officer performance. Include a 2011/12 personal objective of compliance with all corporate governance systems and procedures for Directors, Assistant Directors and Heads of Service. Inclusion of specific objective for 2011/12 and monitoring at 6 & 12 month appraisal Jacquie McGeachie 30/6/11
Introduce Directorate Annual Governance Statement Directors to sign Annual Governance Statement for each Directorate to support corporate Annual Governance Statement Annual Governance Statement actions implemented and compliance with governance framework. Jeff Lustig 31/3/12
Governance monitoring at Statutory Officers Group Monitoring of governance framework at Statutory Officers Group, including monitoring of the implementation of internal audit report recommendations Compliance with governance framework Nick Walkley 30/6/11

Dictionary help: Overarching = Comprehensive & all-embracing.

The cynic in Mr Musatrd notes that there is no plan to include compliance with key systems in senior officer performance in years 2012/13 and onwards. Did management just forget to write this in their blind panic ? 

Mr Mustard notes that the person tasked with checking this action is a consultant. When, hopefully soon, she leaves and is replaced by a permanent employee if one is actually needed, will the new person even know to do this or will they have their own view of how things should be done ?

Will the Procurement department, which is going to be out-sourced, know that the out-sourced HR section are meant to be monitoring senior officers and include it in the outsorucing Contract. Will the senior management of external providers suffer annual appraisals by Barnet Council - Mr Mustard doubts it.

What do you think of the show so far ? Rubbish !

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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