18 July 2011

A mistake was made - & Mr Mustard was wrong

When Mr Mustard made up his Councillors Pay Zero acronym for CPZ - controlled parking zone, there was a little distant bell ringing in his head - Mr Mustard thinks it is probably something Mrs Angry said but as they exchange quite a bit of information from time to time, as fellow Barnet bloggers do, he cannot be sure.

Life is sometimes too busy for us to stop and think when something feels odd, but Mr Mustard should have done that. His previous blog post implied that all Councillors have a free CPZ permit to park anywhere in the Borough for free. Cllr Rawlings has tweeted him, very nicely Mr Mustard has to say, to point out that Labour Councillors have not availed themselves of this perk. Well done Labour Councillors as now you know how motorists who visit a CPZ in Barnet have to suffer in order to try and park legally.

Mr Mustard is sorry that he got the facts wrong ( are you reading this non-stick - that last sentence was easy to write and Mr Mustard feels better for it ) and will try to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Lessons have been learnt - now where have you heard that before ?

Mr Mustard is also going back to his source for some clarification. They will find that Mustard can be quite hot.

Yours apologetically

Mr Mustard

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