29 August 2022

(Dog) collared after 3 years in Southwark



Mr Mustard often looks at cases where the adjudicator's decision is to refuse the Appeal but suggest (recommend) to the council that they cancel the PCN (or not collect the sum due under it).

As soon as the first PCN was issued the Reverend, or his wife, should have woken up and put the blue badge in the car and stopped the rot. It is unlikely that the blue badge would have been stolen in the short time it would have taken to obtain a new AD permit on line.

Shocking really, no PCN for three years and then three in a fortnight. Doubtless the council didn't follow up with residents who hadn't transferred from a paper permit to a virtual one. Mr Mustard's experience in Barnet is that they leave you to find out each time the system changes, rather than proactively helping the public.

Southwark should really have proved that they made the Reverend aware of the new system at the time and, given that this bay was installed especially for Mrs Lucas, not treated it as a profit centre but public service went west a long time ago in parking departments.


28 August 2022

At cross purposes

Mr Mustard thinks the East of England Ambulance Service had good cause to be cross. Luckily for them the Adjudicator cut through the nonsense that had been written to them. This bus lane rakes in £1,000,000 a year as what the cctv doesn't show is that the bus lane ends about a centimetre after what the camera shows and it doesn't show the upcoming roundabout where lots of people want to turn left and slightly cut the corner of the bus lane, an entirely innocent and safe action without gaining an advantage in so doing.

Lovely to see a representative who has read bus lane law especially as it is different in London than in the east of England.

Bus Lane Act means the Act mentioned in the line above.

Waltham Forest Council were simply telling porkie pies when they said the vehicle must be attending an emergency and Mr Mustard has never heard of form 4728 because its existence is not within the legislation. The Act is clear, it says this:

So why do Waltham Forest council claim otherwise, many ambulance services would give up and pay if the council says no as they are rushed off their feet and have better things to spend their time on.

It couldn't be the desperation for revenue could it?

If you have a PCN in this bus lane, or any other in London, do email mrmustard@zoho.com as another expert has found a (so far) killer argument.


16 August 2022

Location, location, location.

This is a PCN case which Mr Mustard won late last year but has only just got around to reporting it.

Here is the PCN

 Here is the car, the black one, the first in view.

 Here is a better view of the road sign

Whilst City Road is just around the corner the PCN has to be accurate as to date and time, place, alleged contravention. The colour of the car would not matter if wrong and TfL don't bother stating it.

In this case as soon as the error in the location was pointed out TfL cancelled, the car was clearly in City Garden Row. They only get one bite of the cherry the same as you do to park in compliance.


1 August 2022

How to waste time as a local government officer


Copyright: https://www.flickr.com/photos/timcaynes/148110505

Another expert, amazed that a council would issue itself with a Penalty Charge Notice and then fight it all the way to the tribunal, listed all the steps that were taken in that case. What a stupendous waste of everyone's time, moving money from one section of the council budget to another.

You can't quite believe that councils would fight each other in this way, proof by way of just three of quite a few examples follows. Now you know why they are so mean to you, it is inbuilt, they are beastly to themselves.

Emergency trip to an elderly faller; go the long way round or pay a penalty. Miserable and stupid, the adjudicator put an end to that.

Pragmatic and fast disposal of this Appeal.


Mr Mustard would rewrite this one as 'get out of my tribunal as I have real PCNs to decide upon'.