18 October 2023

A 50% increase in numbers of PCN in London isn't because they are cheap

Mr Mustard's second blog on this subject now he has the statistics helpfully provided by London Councils. He gets a weekly 'Key Issues' email from them which he tweeted about this morning.

Mr Mustard wanted to track down the 50% statistic. It is true overall but one must look at parking, bus lanes and moving traffic (banned turns, congestion charging ULEZ, yellow boxes etc) separately.

Once he had the statistics he found a much more nuanced picture and that led to an email to London Councils

There is still time to comment on the proposals, here.


12 October 2023

PCN values in London - too high, too low or about right?

London Councils is the umbrella body for London Boroughs, it has some statutory roles when it comes to parking and is looked to for guidance on toher matters. You can find out more about them on their website, here.

They are running a survey on PCN values as they describe below

Here is a link to information about the survey in case you wish to respond.

Mr Mustard has responded and also sent an extra email, which he shows you below.


The end.