21 July 2011

The OneBarnet budget 2011/12

Sadly Mr Mustard cannot make this evening's meeting of the BPOSC - Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee as he has a prior commitment.

You can all go along. You will find the agenda available to download here. guff

You might find the final page of agenda item 9 interesting. It is here along with page 1.
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Sorry that page 15 is sidewards but let me tell you what it says. The budget for OneBarnet for the year 2011/12 i.e. the year to 31 March 2012 is £5,928,988 - let us call it £6m for round numbers.

Mr Mustard has just popped into the downstairs toilet ( yes really ) and found the pamphlet "The Council Tax and Business Rate in Barnet 2011/12". On page 3, Message from the Council, it says

"Our One Barnet programme will make over £13m of savings over the next 3 years and this, along with other improvements to efficiency, will account for the bulk of our savings." 

Oh dear, OneBarnet will cost £6m in a year ( = £18m in 3 years ) and as far as Mr Mustard is aware has not yet saved a single penny. Unless, of course, you know better ?

Hopefully the Councillors who read the blog will give the figures presented to them a good workout. Also councillors take a look at the risk scores of 16 which are very high with both the likelihood and the impact coming in at 4. They couldn't be much worse.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Scrap OneBarnet and you could save £54 million over 9 years, not to mention the money wasted on consultants already!

  2. Consultants - Mr Mustard has been told that there are 20 consultants from Agilysys in NLBP at the moment ( unverified ) and that the boss of Agilysys is a mate of non-stick Nick Walkley ( also unverified ). There is no suggestion of anything improper but it can't hurt their chances when consultants are required.

    It could be the other way round. If a client was paying Mr Mustard £250,000 a month he would try be Nick's mate no matter how little he thought of him !


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