20 July 2011

Interim mis-management

You will find below the Contract with Garfield Associates Ltd.

Mr Mustard is not surprised that Barnet Council have sent him an out of date Contract ( at least there was one unlike MetPro ) nor that Mr Garfield is still being used at least 5 months after his Contract ran out ( he is in the over £500 expenditure list for May 2011 ) or that Mr Garfield now sometimes gets £500 a day ( inflation you know, very bad in Barnet ).

No, what does surprise him is that there is a standard Contract for Interims. That must be because there are so many of them? Mr Reasonable has spoken to Mr Mustard about organisations he has known which have become paralysed by consultancy - he fears, and I share his concern, that Barnet Council are going the same way. 

OneBarnet - how many consultants ?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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