21 December 2011

Why not take out a subscription to Private Eye

An annual subscription only costs £28 which is a bargain as is the magazine bought by the fortnight at only £1.50. It will take you nearly a fortnight to read it all. An added bonus is that Barnet Council's disgraceful and shambolic ways of going on means that they are in there sometimes, like today

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Happy crisismas to the senior management at North London Business Park and if you think I have been hard on you during the last 9 months, here is my Xmas message for you.

Tough, suck it up and behave better in the future.

Bah humbug

Mr Mustard

and to the hard working and long suffering staff, 

Happy Christmas from Mr Mustard

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  1. Can't help noticing that "it has been five long months since Rotten Boroughs favourite Andrea Hill stepped down as chief executive of Suffolk Council, striding off with a cheque for £218,592."

    We all remember that Suffolk was attempting to do a Big Bang of privatisation, just like Barnet, and it all went belly up. This must have been a disappointment to our own Mike Freer, because of the close relationship that he and his colleague in Suffolk had with BT, that interesting firm with exciting ideas about Big Bangs of local authority privatisations.

    Trebles all round!


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