9 December 2011

The Friday Joke #2

The Leader of Barnet Council has had a bad week.

At a meeting of business people in North Finchley who told him that there turnover was down 30 to 40% because of cashless parking he said he was listening but couldn't do anything ( report here ). Is that the action of a leader?

Mr Mustard thought he would help out and so he suggested a solution to the Leader that he thought was a vast improvement over scrapping £2,000,000 worth of parking meters. He was rebuffed. The story is a few posts back on the blog.

At a meeting on Tuesday of the Budget & Performance Overview and Scrutiny the Leader, Cllr Cornelius was taken to task by one of his own councillors, Cllr Marshall, for not getting cabinet member Councillor Brian Coleman to appear in front of scrutiny committees when requested. There is a video of this on this blog, here.

All of this leads us neatly to another homage to Private Eye, don't you just love their lookalike photographs. Please buy it, every fortnight. Only £1.50

Glass of Water     :   Weak as Water

Have a good weekend

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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