22 December 2011

Abuse of Position? part 6

So here is an email with a helpful list of the location of all synagogues in Barnet

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Mr Mustard went back and looked at an earlier message when Cllr Dean Cohen asked for a "light touch" in relevant locations in Golders Green ( the area for which he is one of the 3 councillors ) and then he mentioned that this "would apply to other parts of the borough as well."

It looks like Cllr Dean Cohen has been instrumental in changes to policy in other wards which ward councillors may not have been consulted about? I see that copies of some emails have gone to his father, Cllr Melvin Cohen, but not to the third councillor for that ward, Cllr Reuben Thompstone.

I do hope that High Barnet, being devoid of synagogues but well stocked with other places of worship, didn't get the benefit of extra visits by Civil Enforcement Officers ( CEO ) who decided it was easier to stay away from "light touch" areas in order to meet that daily quota of PCNs ( the existence of a quota is denied but a document about it is on this blog )

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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