1 December 2011

Gifts & hospitality in Finance

It's getting late and this blog posting is really boring and so like Barnet Council slipping their press releases out at the weekend I will do this blog when no-one is looking. 

Here are all of the gifts and hospitality dished out in the 12 months to 31 March 2011.

Post appointment dinner
Maria Christofi - AD Financial Services
Post audit dinner x5 at The Fellow (Kings Cross)
Maryellen Salter, AD Finance
Grant Thornton
LGC awards x2
John Hooton, AD Strategic Finance;
Maryellen Salter, AD Finance,

All deadly dull and prefectly acceptable. Dinners provided after appointment or at a conference. No values listed but hey these are finance people, they will be reasonable. Note the absence of one Andrew Travers from the free dinners list - perhaps all suppliers have read the blogs and know that he is on £1,000 a day and so can afford to buy his own dinner, possibly even his own restaurant?

Update 12 January 2012. 

Barnet Council have noted the absence of Mr Travers's declarations form the answer I was sent under FOI and sent a correction. Firstly a big thank you to Mr Travers for reading and being honest & professional in pointing this out to the FOI section ( assumption on the part of Mr Mustard ). The second question though is how they came to be omitted which is an article for another day.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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