15 December 2011

Finchley Carnival 2011 - The figures

It seems a long time since the summer but it took Mr Mustard a little while to get the figures that you wanted to see and there was also some trouble with the Council talking about whether they, or some other body, organised the Finchley Carnival which took a while. Mr Mustard had to make a complaint and ask for a review and contact the Information Commissioner before he received this tiny amount of information.

It seems that there are only 2 items of income or expenditure.

An income of £1,700 from Coggers Nationwide Amusements and  an expenditure of £1,500 on fireworks.

Mr Mustard couldn't make it but doubts that £1,500 worth of fireworks amounted to much of a show and the amusements were on for 5 days so really this wasn't a carnival at all, unlike in previous years. It was just the council renting the park out to an amusement company and burning 88% of the income on fireworks. The cost of cleaning up, security and insurance, although allegedly nil, must have been something.

Going back to the story in the local Times Mr Mustard notes that the fair was to run from 6-10 July which is 5 days. According to the published prices of the Council:

2011/12 Prices:-

- Fun Fairs (up to 12 rides) and Private Functions £560.00

so Coggers should have paid 5 days at £560 = £2,800

A discount may be applied to the daily rate for Charitable/Community events at the discretion of the Director for Environment and Operations ( that doesn't seem to be the case here except that it does!) 

Let us hope that next year the council get out of the way and let the community run event proceed for the benefit of the community and local charities.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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