11 December 2011

Barnet CPZ on the television - again - Tuesday 9.15am BBC1

Guest posting

Dear All

As you know our campaign has recently had quite extensive coverage by the BBC.

Barnet CPZ Action featured on Inside Out and BBC Radio London Drivetime with Eddie Nestor with interviews by two of our campaigners, Debbie Linton and Philippa Worke, and supporter Janis Curry.

If you missed either of these programmes they are both available via our latest Blog at http://www.barnetcpz.blogspot.com/

The campaign will also feature on Rip-Off Britain at 9.15am this coming Tuesday 13th December on BBC One. 
Don't forget to set your Sky-Plus box or recorder in case you miss it.

Thanks sincerely for all your support.

Diane Johnson
for Barnet CPZ Action

As Mr Mustard's house is a TV free zone ( too busy blogging ) he will watch it aftwerwards on  iPlayer or pop to one of the neighbours.

Mr Mustard is right with you Barnet CPZ action

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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