15 December 2011

Cllr Marshall shows off his knowledge and love of Solicitors

Mr Mustard keeps being presented with examples of councillors who have not done their homework and yet they are going to make really important decisions.

On Tuesday 5 December 2011 the Budget & Performance Overview and Scrutiny committee met. One of the decisions that they were asked to approve was the reduction to 2 bidders for the DRS ( Development & Regulatory Services ) contract worth hundreds of £millions over the 10 year contract term. Here is what Cllr Marshall had to say.

Barnet Council Cllr Marshall (mp3)

Cllr Marshall quite rightly says that Barnet don't want to be mixed up with Mouchel as their financial status is tricky ( and they have not been put through to the final stage so what was the great insight that we gained from the comment ) and it's pointless saying anything about Capita Symonds Ltd except that they are often referred to as Crapita ( which tells you something ) and so he talked about the other remaining bidder EC Harris sounding like a firm of Solicitors. You hadn't heard of them Councillor Marshall. Well the name is rather bland although the company has been around since 1911 ( have they been around longer than you? - come on Mrs Angry, come and defend the silver fox ). 

Here is something about them on their website. Oh dear, part of a group with 19,000 employees, active in 70 countries, 300 offices and £2.3bn of revenue. Not exactly your local firm of solicitors then are they?

And what is Mr Mustard's point?

It is simply this. Some councillors are not doing their homework before entering into Hendon Town Hall and are making decisions on subjects about which they have not bothered to learn anything. The council tax of residents is at risk and the jobs of employees are at risk ( back office parking staff are now expected to commute to Croydon instead of to N11, if you are already travelling for an hour into NLBP from Hertfordshire, which is quite possible, you now have to spend an unreasonable amount of your day on trains, tubes and buses and suffer the extra costs of this travel ).

So councillors, if you cannot carry out the duties or can't be bothered to, then step aside and let someone more committed do it.

Yours frugally
Mr Mustard

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