15 December 2011

Abuse of position? part 2

Does the request "Please can you look into this" mean "Please can you cancel the parking tickets" for anyone who received one?

For readers who don't know, Dorne Kanareck was the Director for Environment and Operations until September 2010, she left in a management restructure after 10 years of service. If you look at the 2010/11 accounts of the council you will find on page 66 that she left with a pay-off of £143,832 although that is listed as being paid to the Director of Environment and Transport ( there was, naturally, no intention to mislead anyone with the change of title ). Dorne was too busy to sign even her forename on emails, just a little "d", and didn't notice that the spellchecker changed "except" to "expect".

Rapidly becoming well known is Mr John McArdle ( a very natty hat you were wearing last night by the way ) who is (still) the Interim Parking Manager. "Interim" in OneBarnetspeak means "for as long as we like, possibly years".

Do you suppose that any tickets got cancelled? Answer in part 3.

Can anyone tell Mr Mustard what a "light touch" is when it comes to parking contraventions? Surely, one is either parked legally or not, and if not, the council should not be turning a selectively blind eye?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. I'm pretty sure that turning a blind eye in a way not applicable to the whole borough, or at least publicised openly, and with clear, specific details, would be unlawful.

    Anything in the code of conduct?

    It is no different to "Hey, I'm going to a wedding/fund-raising dinner. Make sure none of the guests get parking tickets."


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