7 December 2011

RM Countryside Services Ltd invoices

You might like to see for yourself the sort of invoices that are submitted by RM Countryside Services Ltd

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So take a look at any of these locations and send Mr Mustard a photograph of the work done so we can see what we got for our money.

Mr Mustard can't work out why benches are purchased from RM rather than from the maker or importer?

Why is equipment purchased from RM rather than from the maker/importer or wholesaler. It must cost more this way?

Why are roofing jobs not being done by roofing experts?

Why are decorating jobs not being done by decorators? Is there a shortage of decorators in Barnet; Mr Mustard doesn't think so.
The HMRC vat inspectors might have something to say about your invoices RM. When the job is invoiced under the CIS scheme you are, according to the HMRC website, meant to charge vat on the gross and not on the net after deduction of the 20% withholding tax. So, for an invoice of £1,000 you should bill £1,000 and the council should pay you £800 + the vat on £1,000. Mr Mustard would have thought that either you or the council might know that. Oh well, HMRC will probably back on the blog in a few days and will pick up this little query. It looks like you might have been under-declaring vat. Probably best to tell your accountant now.

If there are companies who make railings in Barnet you might want to look at these jobs and see if the price is right and whether you want to register for this sort of work with the council. Please mail Mr Mustard if any of these jobs are well over-priced.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Curious - why doesn't RM have a CIS certificate allowing for gross payments? All contractors of any substance would be registered for gross payment under CIS.

    And why are some invoices marked "no CIS" and some have CIS withholdings - they all look like construction operations to me. Curiouser and curiouser


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