13 December 2016

Traffic warden failure - more reputational damage

Temple Fortune (so named after the one the council makes out of parking PCN?)
The only way that you can tell, as you approach by car, that parking bays are painted on the pavement at this location is because there is a sign to the right of the picture.

That of itself is sufficient to explain why a motorist, the one that Mr Mustard is representing, managed to put a wheel outside of the bay, because they weren't expecting any individual spaces to be there. Would you?

A PCN was issued for contravention 24 'Not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space'.

Mr Mustard has lodged a complaint about the issue of this PCN as the contract with NSL to 'firmly and fairly' (please Barnet Council, stop with the jokes now) enforce parking restrictions includes the following requirement:

and that clearly wasn't done in this case.

Mr Mustard's client wrote the following to him:

'I don't mind paying fair tickets but this is just money making and destroying local shops.'

You need to mend your ways Barnet Council and get traffic wardens under tighter control. Currently they just do as they please, it seems, but that is of course one of the problems of contracting out, the loss of control.

It is no consolation that the PCN can be challenged as time is precious, both that of Mr Mustard and his client. Mr Mustard loves an easy adjudication, this one will be a cakewalk.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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