8 December 2016

Barnet - recently expired blue badges

Leeway but for sailors not blue badge holders
Having written a blog about discretion being granted by Harrow Council to recently expired blue badge holders Mr Mustard thought he should check the situation in his home borough.

Contrary to the expectation of you-and-whose-army (Ewan Hoosami - this had to be explained to Mr Mustard on one of his slow days!) whom Mr Mustard has dined with and is a right card, Barnet actually display some brotherly & sisterly love towards the less mobile, viz:

We would do one of two things:

·       -  Allow discretion for up to 14 days from expiry

·       - Check whether a renewal has been applied for and if the application was made within the required timescale we would apply discretion and chase the application through the system

I hope this helps to clarify.

So you are safe to display a blue badge that has expired by up to 14 days (as long as the blue badge holder is knocking about near the car once parked)  and could even get some assistance in speeding up your application or one that you suddenly leap into action and make.

Mr Mustard is pleased to see this commonsense approach.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. I shall gracefully retire to the nearest private car park where I know the usual stupidity flourishes. I find all this common sense very unsettling.


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