19 December 2016

Barnet Council - Residents' permits - again

Regular readers will know that Mr Mustard tweeted that he was the proud recipient on 8 December 2016 of a PCN for failing to display his resident's permit.

They are of course electronic so he couldn't display one, even if he had one, which he didn't! The reason he didn't have one was simple, for the last 20 years he has relied on the council sending a reminder to him and he did not receive one for the 2 November 2016 renewal date. He has now purchased a new permit and is very grateful for the free month's parking.

Needless to say Mr Mustard wrote to parking management:

'Please tell me the date and time that the permit reminder email was sent to me and whether it was returned undelivered'

Quite quickly he was sent copies of two reminder letters (not emails) sent the month before renewal was due that Mr Mustard had not seen hide nor hair of. Given that he receives about a foot thick pile of mail every month Mr Mustard is necessarily quite efficient when it comes to letters. No email reminder was sent which is odd as every permit requires the provision of an email address.

Mr Mustard wrote back and enquired as to whether proof of printing or posting could be supplied.

The answer was clearly no as at that point his PCN was cancelled for some undisclosed technical error at the point of issue (the vague face saving defence which he so often sees).

Perhaps it helped that Mr Mustard provided the following email from a different member of the parking management team from last year

If you have had a PCN for an expired permit and you also didn't receive posted permit reminders (or emails) then perhaps you need to email mrmustard@zoho.com who will sort the resultant PCN out for you. Do not just cough up for the PCN, Mr Mustard can beat this sort of PCN at least 90% of the time.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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