14 December 2016

London Councils give a little - but not much

You may recall Mr Mustard's blog of October about London Councils and their heavily redacted minutes. Mr Mustard challenged the redactions and got the above set in their place and the following explanation.

The notes of the Parking Managers Seminar have now been amended and are attached to this email. Because the majority of the attendees are officers not employed by London Councils, their exemption from redaction is by their consent only, not necessarily because they are senior officers or because of their salary threshold.

Regarding the request for the document pack, I can confirm that this information is not held by London Councils.

Mr Mustard didn't understand about the document pack not being held by the creators of it but the number of other documents given out was only 2 or 3, it wasn't zero though. Mr Mustard put his cunning plan into action. If London Councils couldn't provide him with the documents then ask all the councils to do so which led to a surprising answer, more of which another day.

Parking managers have nothing to fear from Mr Mustard, the worst that will happen is that he gives their PCNs a drubbing, it isn't personal. The people who decide, in effect, parking policy (councillors do so in theory but none of them are invited to these cosy chats) should be known to the public & it would be much more transparent if they had to throw their meetings open to the public.

So well done to the staff who have allowed their names to be published.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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