1 July 2014

The Physic Well

Click for a larger picture

Q. Who owns the above historic (grade II listed) building
A. Barnet Council

Q. Why is is falling down?
A. see previous answer.

Not content with closing & neglecting the Grade II* listed Church Farmhouse Museum the council seem to be happy to have the well building fall down the well.

Mr Mustard's diary is rather full and so he is putting this call out for someone (perhaps a semi or recently retired person) to form a trust and give the council £1 to take the building off their hands, raise some money, restore the building and open it to the public. There is a nice adjoining patch of green space which could be made into lovely gardens for the benefit of the local community, who would probably join in and help keep their area nice in the pledgebank adopt-a-street vein.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Should we not at least mass report this to FixMyStreet?

  2. Only in Barnet would the local authority allow such an important building to get into this disgraceful state.

    The Physic well is central to the history of Barnet, and is one of the main reasons the place became so well visited. Pepys wrote about it in his diary.

    Sadly, this and the Church Farmhouse are not the only listed buildings in such a perilous state. A real indictment of the total lack of interest by our Tory councillors in the history and heritage of this borough.

  3. Very good point Anon although the problem is more widespread than you suggest, we need a new fixmyborough macrosite and have done for a long time.

  4. How sad to see these pics. Was just today talking about the Wellhouse, after which the Wellhouse Hospital was named - now Barnet Hospital, which from today is part of Royal Free Foundation Trust!

  5. Other than the Town Hall Church Farm and the gorgeouse building of the Psyche Well, please keep on searching for whatever assets and other buildings Barnet actually owns and abuses??????

  6. Last i checked fixmystreet won't accept any fixes. A nice way to control the unflattering pothols statistics.


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