4 July 2014

NSL - Not sympathetic listeners

You can alight on double yellows, mustn't be >50cm from kerb though

The Appellant attended the hearing in person. The Authority was not represented.

The Appellant was taking his adult son to a care centre. He parked on a yellow line. He says, and I accept, that he displayed his blue badge but his son must have knocked it off the dashboard.

The Appellant's son has mental health learning issues and he is autistic. The Appellant takes him to a care centre regularly. The Appellant is not in good health himself. He is 75 and has a heart condition. He says that his son has to be escorted into the care centre. On this occasion, the Appellant also had to explain to the staff that his son was in a very agitated state.

I accept under the circumstances that the alighting exception applied. I am allowing the appeal.

Mr Mustard keeps reading terrible unsympathic cases like this one at PATAS and he is going to keep on publishing them until Barnet Council realise how wrong their behaviour is and change it for the better (they'll have to batter NSL into shape to do it, or take the contract back).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. I don't think battering NSL would have helped in this case, as once a NtO is issued, any appeal must be heard by the enforcement authority staff, which is somebody in Barnet council. Quite how one reforms such a dreadful council is the issue. Shame is obviously abolished in all London councils, it is all water of a ducks back, basically


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