7 July 2014

Getting the basics right?

On twitter this morning one of Mr Mustard's followers hoped that Barnet Council might just get the basics right. Mr Mustard agrees that the council are trying to run, in a way not tried before, the "commissioning" council, and they are falling over their shoelaces all over the place. They aren't even at the walking stage, just crawling along the ground. Look at the above page from their Internet system. Now systems do break occasionally but what do the council tell you to do instead when you are enquiring about a PCN on-line?

They tell you to contact the permit office directly.
Do the Permit Office deal with parking tickets?
It doesn't seem likely.

Does the council helpfully give you an email address and a phone number? 
Does the council look like it is run by rank amateurs? 

Mr Mustard doesn't despair. He is out of stock.

Yours frugally

 Mr Mustard

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