15 July 2014

East Barnet Village to become like everywhere else?

one day all High Streets will be the same if we let the corporates take over

The following is in the nature of a guest blog except that Mr Mustard edited it a bit so has removed the writer's name.
At the bottom of Jackson Road where the Post Office used to be an application has been submitted to change the shop use (so that it can become a Coffee Costa outlet).

The following information was copied from The Jackson Roadies FaceBook page.....if you haven't been there then please do .......its a community page for the good people of Jackson Road.

You may have seen/heard about the 'Change of use from a retail store to a mixed class coffee shop' application for the post office at the end of the street.

It seems to be an application for a Costa Coffee franchise.

Here's some info I've found if you want to reply to the application. End date for comments is Fri 1 Aug.

Useful links
Application details

The applicant, Mr Ishrat Malik, is a director for P2m Coffee Limited -

This man is the operation manager for P2m which he states is a Costa Coffee Franchise

If it does go ahead then there is the possibility that the 'Bakery' across the road from the Prince pub, the cafe just past the Vets on Cat Hill and Cafe Fresco, on Churchill Rd may be forced to close, because many people will now just use Coffee Costa instead of their usual Village cafe/coffee/food outlets.

There is also the possibility of more cars parking in and around Jackson Road to visit Coffee Costa.

Personally I think that we have enough coffee/food outlets in the village already and if this is allowed to run then there is the possibility of three other shops closing meaning more empty shops for the village (and unemployed people) which is not good.
It is the change of use that you need to object to i.e. the loss of a retail shop, not who might a open coffee shop in the town which the council planners cannot take into account.
Yours frugally
Mr Mustard


  1. That's capitalism! If the three other cafes don't survive it is because their "loyal" customers have chosen to vote with their feet and their wallets. It's not a job for the planning committee to pick favourites IMO>

  2. Although it is the job of the planners to keep a balance in the High Street such that every shop isn't a coffee shop, gambling den or estate agent.


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