4 July 2014

Name redacted to protect the illiterate

a real email from PayByPhone
Mr Mustard is helping a lady whose attempt to obtain 60 minutes of parking led to her getting 6 minutes (rounded up to the minimum of 15) and thus a £60 parking ticket.

It is impossible to tell if the mistake was made by the lady motorist or somewhere in the PayByPhone system or mobile telephone network itself so attributing the blame to the lady motorist by the use of the word "must" is flawed logic and typical of the parking arena, guilty until proven innocent.

Now imagine if Barnet Council had to give us £60 for every grammatical error they, or their agents, made. That will be four times £60 please = £240 and OK if you pay up within 14 days we will settle for £120.

Makes you think doesn't it?

As it happens the parking process manager is already looking at this PCN for me because it was given out in 2 minutes and the minimum observation for code 05 (Parked after the expiry of paid for time) is 5 minutes so I may not have to exhibit this hideous email at PATAS but I will if necessary. Going to PATAS costs the council almost £40 in fees so they need to think carefully on a £60 PCN.

Motorists for whom PayByPhone has gone wrong usually get the blame but as we can see above the council side of things isn't fault free.

If PayByPhone are as slapdash at programming as they are at spelling it's a miracle that anyone gets the correct amount of paid for parking.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. The words "teenage scribblers" come to mind. Where did I hear that expression ? Ignorance of spelling, grammer, et al is indicative of our failed education system. Perhaps we need grammar and spelling boards like the French and Germans have.

    Has the country gone to the dogs ? Ask the dogs !


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