18 July 2014

Public Service - Capita style

Mr Mustard has been busy with his annual public audit of the council's accounts as has Mr Reasonable. It has been like pulling teeth as it always is.

He knew that Mr King was leaving today and Mr Mustard hadn't been told who to contact instead so luckily he copied his email to the Chief Operating Officer who is also the S1515 Officer responsible for finance.

It shouldn't be like this, should it?

Either the departing person should tell you who to contact instead of them or their email account should be locked after setting the inbox to forward all incoming emails to a manager and sending an out-of-office telling you who will now deal with the matter.

Just closing down the email account flat is not service as that leaves you doing the running.

Which pub should Mr Mustard try to contact the recipient in? (Apologies if Mr King is teetotal, this isn't about him but about systems).

If Crapita had been even half efficient, Mr Mustard's enquiries would have been done and dusted a month ago.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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