19 August 2012

The 43 bus

If you are free on 26 August then Friern Barnet, outside of the closed Friern Barnet library, is a good a place as any to pass the day. London seen from the top deck of a bus is hard to beat. Mr Mustard sees quite a lot from the elevated driving position of the blogger bus but needs to keep his eyes mainly on the road so from the top deck of the bus you see everything without the risk of a crash.

Not only is there a bus ride but a guided tour 

and your guide is a local hero.

Mr Mustard can't make it but he will contact the Ladies who Bus and see if one of them is free to grace the occasion with their presence.

Mr Mustard is very happy to advertise local events if details are sent to him a week or two in advance.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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