14 August 2012

Civica - is there a problem ?

This is a fact finding blog.

Back in April one of my twitter followers/followees had a problem with trying to appeal a parking ticket on-line and the computer system, supplied by Civica at a cost of £2m for 5 years, told her that the "ticket is not at a stage that can be appealed". She was able to send in an appeal by email which you can't do since NSL took over on 1 May 12.

Today the parents of a friend experienced the same problem.

Now Mr Mustard starts to wonder if by some curious coincidence he knows the only 2 people that this has happened to (which is the likely defence of Barnet Council - a rare event ) or if it has happened to hundreds.

Has it happened to you? Please comment below or send Mr Mustard an email with the ticket number.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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