21 August 2012

Good morning

When Mr Mustard gets up in the morning he sometimes pops downstairs for a cuppa which is dangerous as he can get enthralled in the emails that have arrived overnight and then not be showered and ready for work at nine. Mr Mustard received an unusual email in the early hours:

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Mr Mustard is sure that the style guide for councillors to refer to when writing to a council tax payer does not include the advice to call them an idiot (even if I was one). It isn't as if Mr Mustard writes that often to councillors, once a week at the most, and he is even-handed and writes to all 63 of them and only one seems to have an issue with it. 

Now Mr Mustard isn't going to refer this to the standards committee for three reasons:

1. because he has a busy life to lead and it would be a distraction that would prevent a few blog posts from being written and that wouldn't do,
2. because he thinks that bloggers probably also ought to have the thick skin that a High Court judge thinks councillors should have, see this link,
3. because the committee is now a toothless tiger.

He will write privately to the leader Richard Cornelius, a man who values good manners, and not blog the reply. Mr Mustard will be asking the leader if whatever benefits Cllr Coleman brings to the chairmanship of the one committee he serves on outweigh the electoral cost.

If you live in Totteridge ward please think whether when the next local election comes round in May 2014 this is the sort of man that you want to be represented by?

Now back to the bathroom.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. I think it is completely reprehensible to call you an idiot, Mr Mustard. An eejit, maybe, but this is a step too far.

    Takes one to know one, Brian.

  2. Mr Mustard

    You should report Councillor Coleman, for a number of reasons.

    1. He signed up to the Barnet Council Standards code when he accepted the Kings shilling. Bloggers do not

    2. He is a bully and has used the tactic on dozens of people, m,ost of whom let him get away with it.

    3. He is paid to participate in the decision making process. That is his job. You pay him.

    4. As I undertand it, the Barnet Bloggers believe that members of Council should follow the rules. Coleman doesn't think they apply to him.

    5. Although the Standards Committee take no sanctions, every time Coleman loese it costs him a small fortune.

    6. How else will he learn


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