28 August 2012

Bye bye black box, will we ever meet again?

Now this is a really boring post. A video of a black box being taken away and not returned; will this become a youtube sensation? No!

For some reason the cttv at Mustard Mansions replays at double speed and then when uploading to youtube it got doubled again. You can guess that the May Gurney operatives don't move faster than Usain Bolt but they have bolted with the Mr Mustard black box which is, he thinks, numbered and so it might yet return.

Why has Mr Mustard posted this boring blog? To show Cllr Richard Cornelius that those words he spouted about their being no problems with the outsourced recycling contract are poppycock. The bins are always going for a walk although they usually turn up again at some point.

You will note that Mr Mustard didn't put out his blue box and he will put everything in that box now. Why? May Gurney often tip one box into the other one when they are not full so he is saving them the task. At some point in the next year or so we are getting a new wheeled bin to replace the boxes so until then Mr Mustard will make do with one.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. What is wrong with you Mr Mustard? Surely you can find something more useful to do with your time than spy on your recycling box? Take up stamp collecting, or blogging.

  2. Indded Mrs A. Next, I will post a film of paint drying or the one that the council have just put out of Richard Cornelius droning on inaccurately about his year in office,

    and what did you achieve in the last year Richard?



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