17 August 2012

Parking ticket bailiffs

Have you had the parking ticket bailiffs round because you haven't paid a Barnet Council parking ticket and you keep all of your paperwork stuffed behind a clock on the mantelpiece?

Mr Mustard thinks there is the possibility that the bailiff firm is not following the rules and so he wants to check the paperwork because he likes paperwork. Please contact mrmustard@zoho.com with copies of every single piece of paper so that he can study it and see if the bailiffs are doing their job properly and if Barnet Council are keeping an eye on them or letting them run riot.

Actually the originals would be preferred. Mr Mustard is based in High Barnet just behind the Spires & near the library so you could email him and then pop in by arrangement and leave the originals with Mr Mustard providing copies.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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