17 August 2012

Staff survey - for Barnet Council staff only

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No sneaking in here please if you are an Assistant Director or a councillor and casting a vote.

Mr Mustard follows the goings on in Cheshire West & Chester, Chester is a lovely town where councillors seem to be as prone to get themselves into Private Eye as ours do and yesterday he saw a tweet by CWaC about an employee survey which was a general employer survey in which the council had participated and it included the startling fact that only 36% of employees trusted their senior leaders. 

Mr Mustard thought about Barnet Council and Nick Walkley and thought that such a survey would be interesting if it happened here. There were over 50 questions in that survey with several possible answers.

Mr Mustard prefers to keep things simple. He is going to ask 10 questions, over 10 days, with the minimum possible answers to choose from (musn't keep you from your day job for too long).

Here is question 1.

My manager regularly tells me when I do a good job
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Has Mr Musatrd blundered. If you are blocked from votoing because your computer address has already voted today do please let him know by emailing mrmustard@zoho.com and he will find another way to do the voting. 2 minutes later Mr Mustard was so sure he had messed up that he has added an alternative at the top left.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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