23 August 2012

3 shades of grey (budget cutbacks you know)

JV or not to JV

Sorry no sexual innuendo in this posting but plenty of intrigue.

JV =  Joint Venture (have they all been on the spliffs?)

Shade 1 : Pam Wharfe - interim Assistant Director of something or other

we have decided to form a Joint Venture organisation
The Joint Venture approach does not change the approach to TUPE of staff
We shall provide further information on the Joint Venture in the next week
and re "new commercial opportunities" in the JV
They are under negotiation as part of the competitive dialogue process and therefore I cannot give examples as they are obviously commercially sensitive matters.
Pam Wharfe Interim Director EPR
Shade 2 : Cllr Richard Cornelius, the council "leader" (officially but actually?)

No decision has been made. No case for a jv has been made beyond the suggestion that there might be such a case.
The decisions will be made by elected members in due course
Shade 3 : Cllr Daniel Thomas, chair of Cabinet Resources Committee (he should have a handle on the numbers then?)
full marks to Dan O'Brien of the Barnet Press
The other 47 shades of grey (and Barnet are normally so black and white) will doubtless arrive over the next few days.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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