8 August 2012

Another one in the (Private) Eye for Barnet Council

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When will Barnet Council ever learn?

A warm hello to our friends in Cheshire West & Cheshire (Dickheads! - language Timothy - oh no, it was Mike)

and in Carmarthenshire, who currently beat (nicely, with a rolled up copy of Private Eye!) us in the most appearances in Private Eye, although Mrs Angry is expecting the Police helicopter to drop in overnight which will be an arrest to make that of Jacqui Thompson look a bit tame.

Also in Private Eye today (thanks to our local electricity supplier cutting off the power without warning Mr Mustard is still up at 1am rebooting computer servers and workstations) David Potts in South Tyneside (always good for a laugh)

Kirklees Council who are having more trouble with their cemetery than we are faced with

Edinburgh where you have to walk because the trams are years behind schedule

and Hounslow where independent members of the standards committee have resigned en masse.

Only £1.50 a fortnight and worth every penny.

Please buy Private Eye and not just because Mrs Angry, Mr Reasonable and Mr Mustard are in it (although that does make it something of a collector's item in Barnet).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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