9 January 2012

Thinkpublic Ltd are NOW registered under the Data Protection Act

Readers will be familiar with Barnet Council's attempt to get Mr Mustard into hot water with the Information Commissioner for not being registered under the Data Protection Act which ended up with Barnet Council put back in their box.

It is will known that procurement and the issuing of contracts and monitoring of suppliers are well below par at Barnet Council.

After the council's attack Mr Mustard had a quick look around their supplier list and checked if suppliers, in possession of and processing data from Barnet Council, were themselves registered. Mr Musatrd chose to look at Thinkpublic Ltd who have been running Barnet's so-called Big Society Innovation Bank for the council.

Having asked Thinkpublic if they were registered they said yes and that there was something wrong with the register. Possible but unlikely.

Mr Mustard checked with the ICO who keep the register. You can search it here. On 15 December 2011 the ICO said that there was not a current or pending registration. The application form must have landed at about the same time as if you put Thinkpulic into the search box you now find that they have a register entry from 12 December 2011.

Mr Mustard reaches the conclusions that:

1. Barnet Council didn't check Thinkpublic Ltd out properly before they agreed to use them and 
2. that Thinkpublic have now registered thanks to his intervention. 

Don't both rush to thank him for nudging you onto the right road and for not trying to be as beastly as the council were.

Motto of the story: Don't mess with Mr Mustard.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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