27 January 2012

Crossed wires at the crossroads

Bloggers are grateful to the Barnet Times for some amusement this week when they printed the following photograph with one of the names incorrect ( for the man at the back - why is he at the back behind Brian Coleman? ) 

The names do not show on the on-line version which can be corrected in a trice but once printed the paper is there for posterity (well someone will need reminding in 10 years time who the people are)

So at the back is isn't the Rabbi whose name is in the caption, it's not even Rabbi Blue (who is about the only speaker on Thought for the Day who doesn't force Mr Mustard to get out of bed) but it is the "Blue Rabbi" the "leader" of Barnet Council, Richard Cornelius.

Mrs Angry is the blogger's expert on body language and will doubtless tell you what this picture means. If she doesn't, Mr Mustard will go back to bed ( what's that Mrs A, another tenner earned - ha ha - must pop round to the stables to see if there is a horse I can borrow ).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Yes well: I think we can deduce that a. Mike Freer's ghastly 'smile' suggests he is trying to assume an attitude of benevolence that may not be entirely natural, Brian Coleman needs to go on a diet and is as usual very pleased with himself, Richard Cornelius has taken the rear position and is deferring to Coleman, and Boris Johnson is wishing he was anywhere else and trying not to inhale the toxic fumes of Barnet Tory idiocy.

  2. Thank you for that expert summing up Mrs Angry. I will spend the tenner I have now not earned on a nice glass of Sauvignon for you should our paths cross following an evening of tedium/high drama ( aka a Barnet Council committee meeting )

  3. I agree poor Boris is wishing he is somewhere else. Did he really think there were votes in associating with this lot?

    And he hasn't even met up with Soupman as yet!


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