4 January 2012

CPZ charge consultation

There is a consultation on charges in the EPR directorate which includes for the CPZs. Unless we tell the council what you think they will never know.

The consultation can be found here. All you have to do is to email your thoughts to this link. ( The link will start an email to Rosie Evangelou as blogger didn't like the ampersand in the email address given )

It seems that the e&o address should be an eando address so you could use this link to email there. Mr Mustard will check in a few days to see if the website gets corrected. Following Mr Mustard's alert Barnet Council have leapt into action and fixed the error, which they prefer to call an "issue". That is right. The issue is that you made an error. The Leader has written to me some months ago agreeing that plain English should be used. That means using the best word for the job.

This is what Mr Mustard has sent:

Dear Sirs

I would like to see the charges for all items in the CPZ zones returned to what they were in April 2010 e.g. the first resident car permit to be £40 once again so that I do not have to subsidise people who live outside of CPZ zones.

I would also like to see the introduction of parking meters which accept money and credit/debit cards.

Yours sincerely

Do feel free to send a similar email.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Thank you for promoting this consultation and highlighting the issue with the email address. We will correct the mailto: link accordingly.

    Please note that Rosie is not the correct person to direct your response towards. If any of your readers wish to make a response, please send them to the email address supplied (EandO.consultation@barnet.gov.uk).

    For future reference, if for any reason the email address supplied for a consultation does not work, the contact names at the top right-hand side of the page are the officers you need to speak to and are included for that purpose (services manage their own consultations).


  2. Let us hope that in future after putting any other consultations up on the web for all to use that a test is made of the email link to see if it works. That is only commonsense.


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