5 January 2012

Pirated software?

Take a look at the screenshot below. It is rather strange.

Mr Mustard was sent some months ago the job description for the interim (for now) Assistant Director of Communications, Chris Palmer, who used to bill through Renouval Ltd and is now somehow paid through Hays ( all consultants payments are now being put through that route - obviously this is to make them more transparent and isn't meant to be a smokescreen ). 

Why it is necessary to employ somebody who appears to live in Tooting when there are 300,000+ people in Barnet? at least one of whom must be able to write communications, is a question that Mr Mustard cannot answer.

click to enlarge

Why he is still here? is a question that Mr Mustard has just asked under FOI. Palmer's year is up.

The other question is what the council are doing in using a piece of software (MS Word?) that seems to be registered to, or at least came from, The Thomas Cook Group Ltd. Who is "Wilson"?

Mr Mustard wonders when, or even if ever, Barnet Council last did a software audit. Tomorrow probably.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Perhaps Mrs Angry's friend Mr Chris Palmer has a Saturday job in his local travel agent's? Nothing wrong with that, Mr Mustard, and he will get a marvellous discount should he wish, for example, to buy a one way ticket to Panama when One Barnet goes tits up.


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