27 January 2012

Caption competition

"Tell me said Sooty, are you called Sweep because at Barnet Council everything gets Swept under the carpet?"

Please add your entry in the comment box. It's just for fun so nothing blasphemous or rude thank you very much, it will be deleted. 

(Mr Cornelius is always polite so we should extend the same courtesy especially when taking the wotsit regardless of what we think of benign neglect of leadership.)

Yours amusingly

Mr Mustard


  1. What nonsense, Mr Mustard: you are too eaily impressed by good manners, which are easy enough to assume, whilst distracting from the real tragedy working itself out here in our borough as a result of the failure of leadership.

  2. This is an allegory.

    "I won't go into detail about how I'm controlling you, Sooty, but it's the same as our control of the London Borough of Barnet."

  3. "That's right Sooty! Cashless parking - so easy, just wave your magic wand! Do you know Sooty, I cannot believe that everyone hasn't got one in this day and age".

  4. No, no, no! You've got it the wrong way around entirely. It's not Cornelius with his hand up someone else's arse....

  5. Yes, Sooty, I am to you as Brian is to me.

  6. Sent in by email

    "Thank you Sooty for saying hello. I will ask Councillor Coleman if I can say "hello" back."


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