11 August 2011

Westminster Council's approach to cashless parking

Well done Westminster Council. It looks like you are Putting the Community First unlike in Barnet where they just say they are.

( Digression - although Mr Mustard is not keen on your on-street charges for motorcycles you do at least have some car park motorcycle spaces that are free and Mr Mustard was able to use one just off Trafalgar Square when he had a function to attend at the Tate Gallery and so he was able to remove all his protective clothing in the dry )

Pay & Display Bays - our Pay & Display machines only accept debit and credit card payments. The following card types are currently accepted:

Accepted Credit Cards for Suspensions

You can also choose to Pay by Phone when parking in a Pay & Display bay.

Parking Cards - these are an alternative cashless payment option for customers who prefer not to or cannot pay by card or use Pay by Phone parking. More information on parking cards.

That would be a perfectly acceptable way of going on in Barnet. Give consumers a choice. Don't beat them over the head with a mobile telephone.

There seems to be a lack of commonsense in Barnet.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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