8 August 2011

The One Barnet Framework - #1

At a meeting of cabinet on 29 November 2010 the One Barnet Framework was presented and this was prepared because Grant Thornton had picked a lot of holes in One Barnet in their report of 21 September 2010.

So what is it ? Mr Mustard has added his comments in red as usual.

One Barnet Framework

The framework aims to:
  • Consider whether the drivers for change are still relevant, two years on; ( we have left our old dogma untouched for 2 years )
  • To clearly set out the overarching strategy ( what a good idea but why not just overall or comprehensive ? )
  • To identify the outcomes we aim to deliver to achieve the necessary change ( what are we trying to do ? )
  • To identify steps already being taken to achieve the stated outcomes ( what have we already tried to do ? )
  • To set out the estimated level of investment required to achieve the outcomes ( how much ? )
  • To outline the benefits financial and non financial, that the Council will achieve as a result of One Barnet ( not seen any sign of this so far )
The overarching aim of the programme is to create a citizen centred organisation. The aim will be achieved by ensuring that projects and programme activity are aligned to the three principles stated in 3.1 (and below):
  • A new relationship with citizens ( will I need a new hat ? )
  • A one public sector approach ( One Barnet, One Public Sector, One Kind of Meadow, One Day, One anything you like )
  • A relentless drive for efficiency ( don't make Mr Mustard laugh )
It is recognised that all activity required to deliver the benefits of the programme cannot be anticipated at this stage. ( We have no idea, not even One Idea )

For this reason, the framework describes:
  • Activities we know are required to deliver transformation across Barnet Council and public sector partner services. An example is work to improve the sharing of customer insight data ( No, Mr Mustard has no idea either about this )
  • Projects which have been set up to deliver benefits set out in the business case ( lets repeat what we have already decided upon )
  • An indication of areas of work which are already on the Council and partner agendas but which have not yet been developed into projects ( someone said these might be a good idea but who knows )
The benefits which we know can be delivered as a result of the first phase of One Barnet projects include:
  • Increased customer satisfaction ( doubtful )
  • Save residents time when interacting with the Council ( where is the apostrophe ? )
  • More enquiries resolved at first point of contact ( Mr Mustard is going to write a blog about this one )
  • Greater choice and control for residents and customers ( aren't all customers also residents ? )
  • Residents enabled to lead independent and successful lives ( Mr Mustard has been completely lost without the council ! - I don't think so )
  • Increased quality of services ( which ones ? )
  • Organisational efficiencies ( so you have been inefficient until now ? )
  • Increased value for money ( you wouldn't know VFM if it bit you on the bottom, golden obviously )
  • Financial savings ( much hyped but rarer than dodo )
This is an ongoing programme and the nature, content and structure of the Framework has been developed to reflect this. The number and the complexity of projects will evolve as benefits are realised and the scope of further work needed to deliver the programme objectives becomes clearer. ( Once we work out what we are doing we will do it )
The Framework will therefore be updated on an ongoing basis as projects progress to a point where costs and benefits are more clearly identified. ( We will tell you a 1000 times if we manage to save tuppence but when we lose £20m somewhere there will be radio silence )

So here we go with the first two pages of the Framework as there is only so much excitement that you can stand.

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Ooh, this is not a static document so has it changed since 19 November 2010?  

Mr Mustard doesn't think so but with his usual dedication to duty he will find out for you. 

Will the document do what was intended? We will see over the next few days.

The financial costs and benefits. Mainly costs so far as far as Mr Mustard can see.
Please come back soon

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. "Activities we know are required to deliver transformation across Barnet Council and public sector partner services. An example is work to improve the sharing of customer insight data."

    They had better not try and share data that they have no right to share, or people will complain to the Information Commissioner's Office.

  2. Agreed Baarnett, but isn't it mad that you have to send the Parking section a copy of your Council tax bill in order to prove you have moved within the borough ?


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