10 August 2011

The One Barnet Framework - #5 - Our approach

Large scale change is not required. Efficiency savings would have been enough.

The scope for fat fees and profit is huge.

The programme will evolve = when we work out what needs doing we will change the plan.

Should the free skips service ever have been supplied ?

Fix my street - some of the money saved from stopping free skips has been wasted on a bespoke Barnet version of Fix my Street when a free version was available ( credit to Mr Reasonable for that tip )

Allotments don't the council to run them but are still faced with a very long lease with lots of terms and conditions and the council are struggling to let go. Mr Mustard has not forgotten that the rent for a standard 10 pole plot was going to be increased from £70 p.a. to £180 p.a.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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